7 Life Lessons

Overcoming Your Past Self

This book will set you on your path to seizing your better self
and leaving your past pains behind you!

You deserve better than what you have settled for, take your first step towards accepting a better mindset for yourself. Let go of yesterday and seize today!

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"I have just downloaded this and got through section one, all I can say is Wow - it is like this was written for me! Well written and so relevant to any individual that reads this, Allahuma Barrick Lahu, Masha'Allah brilliant, be proud of this! Jazakallahu Khair for sharing this, I really do think this is going to benefit me and many others too. Cannot wait to finish reading it!"
Afsana PB

"It was great to read and Brother Abu Layth it was beneficial gives you energy to do something in life before its too late."
Bint E Akbar Khan

"Very beautiful words and quotes mashaAllah may Allah reward u for this IT is indeed a great life lessons that we all Muslims should take advantage in our daily lives and trust Allah swt and the quote that I loved the most is "Do not crave perfection in others;seek to find it first in yourself " very well said keep up the good work:)"
Humaira Qayum

"Nothing in life is inconsequential, there is a lesson embodied within each moment,
together we can seek to learn from them"

Abu Layth
Founder of Life Lessons