Marriage; the sought-after status, yet all too often, so totally misunderstood.

Abu Layth's 7 Life Lesson's on the Myths of Marriageā„¢ is designed to help clarify the many misconceptions of married life.

This book will explore a number of topics that so many of us struggle with when it comes to dealing with marriage, including love, intimacy, compromise, compatibility, and communication. So whether you're looking to get married, are already married, or have been hurt by divorce - this book can help you reestablish focus on what really matters in marriage.



"As someone still seeking a marriage partner, this book made me re-evaluate my focus when choosing a spouse, forcing me to look deeper into myself, and what I have to offer as a partner! A real eye-opener. Raw and real."
Ayesha Saleem

"So many practical steps that I was able to immediately put into play! My partner and I have read this book together, and we have both taken some learning from it. Alhamdulillah."
Jonathan Ibrahim

"Nothing in life is inconsequential, there is a lesson embodied within each moment,
together we can seek to learn from them"

Abu Layth
Founder of Life Lessons